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Contemporary spatial phenomena. After the explosion of the city

Title in French: LES PROCESSUS MÉTROPOLITAINS CONTEMPORAINS. Après l’explosion de la ville.

Author: Carles Llop Torné, Stephane Bosc

Year: 2012

Languages: Anglès i francès

Published in:
Working with the territory. Strategies for the new territorialities/Travailler avec le territoire. Stratégies pour les nouvelles territorialités. LLOP, Carles; BOSC, Stephane, eds. CARRASCO, Marta; KOURKOUTAS, Konstantinos, assistant eds. Barcelona: CREPUD MED: ACTAR: 2010.

Summary: In the context of the CREPUD MED European project, there is a reflection about the principal contemporary spatial phenomena that occur in each case study, starting from the concept of “Explosion of the city”, which comes from a previous research conducted by Antonio Font Arellano, Nuno Portas and Francesco Indovina, and which constitutes the starting point of the most recent evolution of each case studies.