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From the habitational solutions to the habitat as a social construction. From the right to housing, to the right to live!

Author: Carles Llop Torné

Published in: “Cap a un habitat(ge) sostenible”. Consell Assessor per al Desenvolupament Sostenible; Generalitat de Catalunya.

Language of the original text: catalan

Year: 2007

Summary: The production of housing has to come from the right of everyone to have it but also the right of all that means quality of living. There will be no full environmental sustainability without social equity, and consensus on a project of habitability that makes sure: the diversity in the morphotypologic supply and ‘mixticity’ of the housing programs to promote the integration and the social interaction in the civic diversity, as well as the mix uses in other areas of equipment, funding, services, and economic production; the quality of identity of residential spaces properly placing the new areas in strategic positions with patterns of planning based on the territories and the cities; the sustainability, understood as a basic principle of any development, strarting from a good integration anf territorial fitting, defined by the quality of landscape architecture and urban development envisaged, and an excellent forecast of environmental quality measures from the ecological point of view, avoiding the generation of ecological footprint, foreseeing an improved implementation; with a careful planning of the mobility and the use public transport to generate a good accessibility, minimize trips and avoid its negative impacts, by the rationalization of the trips between home and the workplace in order to make effective the objective of energy efficiency and pollution reduction.