Seminar “Laboratory: B-30″


On TUESDAY JUNE 11TH, IN THE CONFERENCE HALL OF ETSAV UPC in SANT CUGAT DEL VALLÈS, from 9:00 a.m to 11.30 a.m, the SEMINAR “LABORATORY: B-30″ will take place, with the presentation of the highlighted student works of the Urbanística 8 course. – Laboratory of City Strategies, about urban and territorial strategies in the metropolitan Barcelona; as well as brief speeches of each invited relator.

This seminar is organized in the framework of a national research project “Ciudades, territorios y regiones urbanas eficientes” (Cities, territories and urban efficient regions) and the universitary course Urbanística 8, where this semester we have worked as case study the whole B-30 area. More information here.

Seminari B-30 11 de juny 2013